Are you trying to find a substitute nose pad for your sunglasses or spectacles? It is necessary to be cautious – not to get the wrong sort of nose pads.

What Are Nose Pads?

Nosepads are those two small assistance items attached between the nose bridge. Nosepads aid your glasses and also sunglasses remain in its appropriate placement. In extra, nose pads avoid the structures from sliding along with, provide comfort and a snug fit to the frameworks resting on your nose. Nevertheless, you may not recognize, but nose pads are readily available in a variety of forms, sizes and also products

What are the three various kinds of Nose Pads?

1. Screw-In Nose Pads

This type of nose pads connects to the frames by a tiny screw situated on the side of the pad.

2. Push-In Nose Pads

Describes it all Press in nose pads affixed to the structure with a little rectangular opening. The back of the nose pad is constructed from more robust plastic. To validate if your frames are pushpin’s see if the nose pad rotates. For instance, if there is a small, difficult plastic back, that is being held right into the area by a rectangular shape steel item. If the solution is of course, after that, it’s most absolutely a press in nose pad.

3. Clip-On/ Crimp Nose Pads

How to Order Your Nose Pads Correctly

In conclusion, before you begin to strenuous look for substitute nose pads, the first point you require to verify is precisely how they install to your framework.

Conveniently identify if they are screw-in, pushed in, or clips on.

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