Costa Del Mar Aransas sunglasses are named after the only town on the Island of Mustang where Spanish horses are free to roam, there are four color options of the Aransas that reflect a reef-island type lifestyle. As they say, everything in Texas is large and The Costa Del Mar Aransas Polarized Sunglasses are no exception. It helps you to portray an air of confidence which comes with an Island type lifestyle.

Costa Del Mar sunglasses dependable and stylish. Their Polarized sunglasses are high end and aesthetically pleasing.  Moreover, the Costa Del Mar Aransas sunglass can be worn even if you are wearing a designer suit or dress.

It enhances your appearance all the while giving protection from the harmful rays of the sun.   The Aransas Sunglasses is a must have if you are into upscale fashion accessories. It makes a statement of opulence and can make a statement without you saying a word.

Sizing of the Aransas Sunglasses

The Aransas is sized to fit people with large to XL heads. This is an outstanding and exceptional fitting pair of sun shades.  Exudes confidence and is of superior quality.

The Costa Del Mar Aransas Prescription Option

Prescription lenses are available for people who must wear them, the Costa Del Mar Aransas shades only come in 580G (Glass) the authentic RX lenses are available to you nevertheless.

Costa Del Mar Aransas Frame Material And Color

Frame Colors:


The frames made from acetate material 4 gorgeous colors to choose from.  Laminate type of patterned finish, but subtle enough to be worn while wearing your most exquisite outfit. Sporting the now distinctive Costa Del Mar diamond cut metal logo on the arm it has a kind of 3d intricate color spectrum through the frame. As usual, the fit and finish leave nothing to be desired.

The Costa Del Mar Aransas Lens Color Availability

The Aransas lens only comes in Polarized Glass.

Light conditions are dynamic forever changing. Therefore, getting the optimum use of your sunglasses depends upon your selection of the correct lens. There are 5 splendid lens colors to pick from when choosing the Costa Del Mar Aransas Sunglasses. Well suited for conditions from too much glare caused by bright-light and low-light conditions.


  • Gray
  • Copper
  • Blue Mirror
  • Copper Silver Mirror
  • Gray Silver Mirror

Lens Material in the 580G (glass G)

580G; The Aransas Sunglasses are made of LIGHTWAVE GLASS, It gives spectacular clarity to your vision and is also scratch resistant in nature. Glass is the best material for clarity.



Lens Wear Condition Suitability

Whether fishing offshore in the open seas, in bright sunlight, it’s best to use Blue mirror. Gray Silver Mirror works best for everyday activities Copper eliminates glare, which improves comfort under the varying light conditions such as driving. For varying light Copper Silver Mirror is best suited to a situation with varying light for like sunrise and sunset.

Frame Fit Specification

FRAME FIT: Large Fit

  • The width of the Frame ———-133mm
  • The width of the Bridge ———-16.9mm
  • The width of the Lens————-44.2mm
  • Length of Temple Arm————-142.omm


  • Costa Del Mar Case:  The Costa Del Mar hard case protects your sunglasses from minor damage
  • Cleaning Cloth: This MICROFIBER cloth is excellent for cleaning your Costa Del Mar Aransas because it is not abrasive.
  • Retainer (Costa Del Mar Keeper) recommended

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